Little Known Facts About Elegant Images.

Little Known Facts About Elegant Images.

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We spend significant time and money landscaping our yards, planting gardens, and building beautiful outdoor spaces, yet are left with very little time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor. copper landscape lighting. As soon as the sun sets, we head back inside. But what if we told you there was a way to spend more time in your yard? The solution is simple: adding landscape lighting to your yard gives you more hours of the day (and night) to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space.

Regardless of the size or style of your home, landscape lighting can highlight its best attributes, adding dimension, space, and dynamic form. It can make the most bland, boring exterior shine. When it comes time to sell, this will be especially important – a well-lit home is more attractive to potential buyers.

A client once said to me that her outdoor lighting is something she can't go without. I felt this was a bold statement, landscape lighting can't be that important to our clients, considering so many of us have lived without landscape lighting for most of our lives. I didn't understand what she meant until she explained further that her lighting wasn't something she truly acknowledged until it was gone: "I honestly didn't appreciate our lighting until I came home and the power was out. lighting in orlando.

The smart Trick of Brass Outdoor Lighting That Nobody is Discussing

I didn't realize how much I needed my lighting until it was gone." What is it about landscape lighting that makes such a difference in our lives? Low voltage landscape lighting does more than simply illuminate our properties at night. Proper lighting provides us with a real sense of serenity.

Sure, we remember what life was like before smart phones, but now that our eyes have been open to how much they do for us, its hard to imagine going back to a time of yellow pages and snail mail - Similarly, once we've experienced our home's in the right light, its hard to imagine ever going back to the dark.

Safety is always a priority. When you’re home, evenings are prime time for outdoor entertainment so key pathways need to be well-lit. When you’re not home, outdoor lighting can help protect it. At night, the right outdoor lights allow you and others to move around safely in the dark. Outdoor post-mounted lanterns are perfect for driveways and stair railings.

The 30-Second Trick For Modern Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting Led BulbsLighting In Orlando
Step lights and path lights illuminate stairs and walkways, while address lights make it easy for people to find your home. Outdoor lighting triggered by timers helps protect your home against intruders. They look great, too. Our outdoor wall lights are elegantly designed to enhance security without sacrificing style. Professional outdoor and landscape lighting adds value in more ways than one.

And not just for deterring trespassers and theft. Illuminating walkways and entrances can ensure safe navigation for you and your guests, to prevent injuries from tripping and falling. The more lights you have, the safer you will be! When we talk safety, we’re also talking about the installation of the lighting.

When you have professionals install your landscape lighting, you don’t have to fuss don’t fuss with dangerous electricity – we want you to stay safe, so let us work with the electrical details. We also install lighting timers that you can program. Another factor to consider when thinking about safety is how reliable your landscape lights are.

Facts About Landscape Lighting On House Revealed

Passersby can usually tell a professional project from Clicking Here a DIY’er. Call a professional and get it done right the first time. Planning landscape lighting is not something to do on a whim. For the best results, it takes time, planning and an understanding of how lighting can enhance your home and its features, such as the landscaping.

If you install a DIY system, you will be responsible for your own maintenance/issues. When you work with professionals, we do a thorough look at your home and garden and can answer these questions for you. we use only the best products/fixtures on the market so that the lighting is durable, high quality and low maintenance for you.

Professionally-installed landscape lighting has upfront costs with installation, but it is a worthwhile investment into your home with minimal costs after installation. LED lights last for a very long time and are pretty inexpensive when they eventually need to be replaced. One of the most common outdoor lighting mistakes that we see are either using too many lights or not using enough.

How To Install Landscape Lighting - Truths

Here’s a story to show you what I mean. A few years ago, we did front “up” lighting for a Springfield home. The neighbors were so impressed, they attempted to do something similar on their own with cheap solar lights. While professional work can stand the test of time, the neighbor’s DIY version had less than sparkling results.

Our client tells us at after a few weeks, the neighbors quietly removed their self-installed lights. Years later, our client’s home lighting has remained beautiful, functional and maintenance-free. Our team at Designer Landscapes is your one-stop-shop for professional landscape lighting - For you, there are no multiple trips to the hardware store.

Landscape Lighting On HouseLandscape Lighting On House
We do the rest, including design, planning, and installation. Collaborate with us to find the perfect combination of styles, materials, voltage, and placement to light up your home with spectacular lighting that you will love for years to come! We can’t wait to talk to you! Call us at 217-227-3256 or email Patty ( .

Things about Landscape Lighting Led Bulbs

Brass Outdoor LightingModern Landscape Lighting
Some lights have motion detectors that can be activated by movement in your yard, which can deter trespassers from entering your property. Smart landscape lighting even allows the use of zones and timers that can be controlled by smart phone, But even landscape lighting that is designed to highlight architectural or landscape features will help prevent deep shadows in your yard.

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